April 5, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Mallanganee RFS
15 Pine St
Mallanganee NSW 2469


Part of Northern Zone of RFS

Grade 2 Brigade. We receive after they have been in service for ten years and we have them for another ten and then passed on to a Grade 3.

Area of responsibility
Bottom of the Range on eastern side, West Sandilands intersection with Bruxner Highway, South Northern Boundary Trail, North is Tumbulbung Creek Rd


Isuzu Category 1 truck. 3,500 litres, diesel pump supplying two hose reels: both 25ml plus outputs for 3 x 38 ml and one 65 ml hoses to enable handle any conflagration from grass to house fires.
Truck is ten years old and was originally the truck for Woodenbong.

Toyota 1995 Hilux flat tray, 600 litres water, diesel pump, 25mm hose. Small grass fires, reconnaissance and fire maintenance. Due for replacement when funds available.

Report a Fire

Ring OOO. (Don’t ring Neville O’Malley direct). Members will then be called out on a paging system from Fire Com Lismore. Ring promptly as reaction takes time and time can be critical. Be sure to provide the best geographical location of the fire.


Seventeen members on the books. Twelve active who attend training and fires. All drawn from the local area furthest away on Clarence Way and closest in town.

Training Day: first Sunday of the month at 3pm for two hours.

Citizens are invited to join, be trained and help protect local lives, stock and property.

Call outs in 2018

25 call outs in calendar 2018.

15 in support of fires in other areas e.g. fires at Rappville, Tabulam, Mummelgum and Benalbo.

10 local fires including grass and vehicle

Significant fires

Tabulam 23 November 18 multiple brigades plus aerial support. Threat to village and bridge.

Rappville burnt for approximately three weeks. Supported multiple brigades.

Fire Captain Neville O’Malley since 2017 members since 1995.

Fire Shed at Pine St Mallanganee

New members welcome: access on line membership form or visit fire shed on training afternoon.